Whiteball Storage Tips



Label and number your boxes clearly, using a duplicate book to itemise the contents of each box is a great way to keep an accurate record at your fingertips of what you have stored and where.

Fill your boxes up to prevent them being crushed. Pack them out with filler ( crushed newspaper is useful ) or bubble wrap.

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We recommend using plastic boxes for storing your smaller items rather than cardboard boxes as these attract moisture. Use bubble wrap or filler to fill empty spaces.

Good storage practice suggests using pallets or other means of keeping furniture and items away from direct contact with the unit floor. Make sure fridges or freezers are defrosted and thoroughly dried out before storage. Leave doors ajar. Placing some tea bags inside to pick up excess moisture.

Drain, clean and dry all garden equipment before storing. We do not recommend storing garden equipment or other items with potentially high moisture content for long periods of time.