Storage Compounds Now Available at Whiteball Self Storage

Whiteball Self Storage now offer 2.4m palisade fenced storage compounds with wide access.
Call 01823 674 129 for further details and additional terms and conditions.

10/08/22 Compound 2 will shortly be available.

Sorry, no motor trade.

Compound 1 below is  1682sq/ft ( 126sq/m ) 24/7 accessed storage compound with 24ft ( 8m ) double opening access gates.

Access to Secure storage compounds innear Wellington Somerset
The largest of two storage compounds with 8m gates and 24 hours access.
Storage compounds near Wellington Somerset.
Open storage compounds at Whiteball Self Store.

Compound 2 below, is a 1285sq/ft compound with 16.5′ ( 5m ) double opening access gates. Due to electric cables compound 2 has a height restriction. Compound 2 is accessed via the storage depot main gate therefore is subject to Whiteball Self Storage usual access hours.

Gates of compound 2 whiteball self storage
Compound 2
Interori shape of compound 2 whiteball self storage
Compound 2 interior

Call 01823 674 129 for more details