Condensation Prevention Advice     An Important Read


    Most storage units at Whiteball Self Store are insulated with layers of PU foam which helps protect against condensation. However, there are measures you can take to help protect your goods. Our household effects hold more moisture than we think. Just a few litres of water trapped in your goods can have a devastating effect over time. Moisture can be equally damaging in hot weather or cold weather. After long periods of storage, the chances of visible signs of deterioration increase & you should be prepared for this.
    Our experience informs us that customers rarely if ever check their units. Do consider that the units are the equivalent of an unheated house. If you are planning to store for more than a year you should also consider storing within a selfstorage building. This of course will cost a lot more in storage fees than storage at Whiteball Self Storage as we are about half the price of selfstorage within a building. It is a judgment call for you to make.

Steps to help protect from condensation

  1.   We offer a dehumidification service. The dehumidification service is £18 per 3 day session.
  2.   Store dry clothes in vac bags available from shops such as Argos. We do not recommend polythene mattress covers due to them trapping moisture.

  3.   We strongly recommend the use of plastic storage boxes as cardboard retains moisture.

  4.   If you are planning to store for in excess of 12 months, please make due consideration to the possible deterioration of your goods. With regards to any
        damage from moisture. You store all goods at your own risk.
  5.   Do not store garden furniture or shed contents with your household effects.

  6.   Ensure your white goods are thoroughly dried before you put them into store.

  7.   Check your unit on a regular basis. We offer a moisture-trap box service at £6.50. These last between 3 & 6 months.
Requesting dehumidification
        before it looks like it is necessary has been wise in our experience.


    We have made every effort to limit the effects of natural condensation and recommend that you follow the advice above. We cannot be held liable for condensation or mould damage caused by moisture already in the goods you store. The Whiteball Self Storage StoreProtect Enhanced Liability Cover does not cover moisture or mould damage to goods.