Sizes and Prices

Outline Terms and Conditions

Unit Dimensions
(Ft) (L x W x H)
Cu.M / Cu.Ft
Ground Floor
9 x 4 x 8 3.34 368.16 / 288 £1.29 £9 £10.80 Inc VAT £47.98 Inc VAT
8 x 7 x 7 5.20 5611.07 / 324 £1.86
£13£15.60 Inc VAT £69.19 Inc VAT

10 x 8 x 8 7.44 8018.16 / 556 £2.29
£16£19.20 Inc VAT £85.19 Inc VAT
20 x 8 x 814.88160 36.32 / 1160 £3.57
£25 £30.00 Inc VAT £132.80 Inc VAT
First Floor*
10 x 8 x 8* 7.44 8018.16 / 556 £1.71 £12£14.40 Inc VAT £63.61 Inc VAT
20 x 8 x 8*14.8816036.32 / 1160 £2.43 £17£20.40 Inc VAT £90.40 Inc VAT

Outline Conditions    Prices valid until 31/10/2018      Telephone 01823 674 129

Prices are charged per day. The above prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate indicated using the bold prices above. Remember our units are insulated unlike many of our competitors. They may tell you it makes no difference . . .  We have over 15 years experience, it DOES make a difference.
Terms are a minimum of a month in advance. Monthly payment is strictly via debit card or credit card on a standing order basis. Should payment be made in arrears it will be subject to a £3.50 monthly administration charge and a £1/day+VAT payment in arrears surcharge above the current published prices.
A refundable Bond of £100 must be deposited per unit. We will supply you with a lock for your unit and an access fob for the electric gate. 7 days written notice is required to vacate. Your security bond deposit will be returned in full within 21 days of vacation less any deductions for outstanding rent, lost items, damage to your unit or other parts of the property.
A £100 deposit reserves a unit for you for up to 30 days. Cancellation prior to taking the storage will be subject to a £10 cancellation charge. Unless by prior arrangement if you have not taken up the storage within 30 days you will be charged ½ of a months’ rental for the unit booked and the remainder of your deposit will be returned.
If you have taken up the storage the deposit becomes your security bond deposit. Rental is payable a minimum of one month in advance. This will include the part of the current month and whole of the next month.
All rentals are paid in advance on the first of every month. If you vacate after your first month but before the expiry of your initial invoice period. You will be due a refund of rental outstanding less the 7 days written notice period.
Payment in arrears will be charged at £1+VAT per day above the current published daily rates.
Access Hours for First Floor units are the published office hours.
*First Floor units are for long term minimum use access. Terms are a minimum of 6 months rental payable in advance.
Two forms of ID are required confirming address and signature, e.g., passport, driving licence, utility bill, credit card etc. Plus an additional emergency contact name and phone number.
It is a requirement of the storage license that your goods are insured whilst they are in store. An insurance option is available through Whiteball Self Storage. This costs £3 Inc VAT per £1000 of goods value insured per month.