How much space do I need to store my goods?
How far in advance can I book my unit?
You can book your unit up to 30 days in advance. A £100 security bond deposit is payable to book your unit. This is refundable on vacation of your unit.
What is the minimum storage period?
Our minimum storage term is one month. With seven days written notice officially, however a phone call will do and is most welcome so we can plan our letting ahead. Once you have taken your storage it is yours until you no longer require it.

What about insuring my goods whilst in store?

It is a requirement of the storage license that your goods are insured whilst they are in store. The cost is £3 / £1000 of goods value per month. You may alternatively source your own insurance cover.


Is there a storage booking fee / security bond deposit?
Yes, There is a £100 security bond deposit payable on booking your unit. This secures your unit for 30 days. Should you cancel your unit before taking the storage you will be charged a £10 cancellation fee. Your security bond deposit is refundable on vacating your unit.
How long can I store for?
Once you have taken your storage unit, you can store for as long or short a period as you like, subject to a minimum of 30 days storage and 7 days notice. The unit is yours until you no longer require it.
Can I move to a different size of unit?
Yes, should your circumstances change in any way you can move (subject to availability) to a larger or smaller unit to suit your new requirements.
What is the difference between office hours and access hours?
Office hours are the times of the day when the office is manned. Access hours are the times of the day you may enter the site using your key for the electric gate.
Remember if you book a first floor unit, access hours are the published office hours. Telephone 01823 674 129.
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm Saturday & Sunday 10.30am – 2.00pm.
The Office is Closed Bank Holidays

Access Hours ( 7 Days) Monday-Sunday 7.00am – 7.00pm

What are the payment terms for storage?

Payment for the storage of goods is monthly in advance by debit or credit card only.
We take most major cards


How much notice do I need to vacate my unit?
You can vacate you storage unit whenever you like subject to a minimum of 30 days storage fees and 7 days notice. You can give your notice at 23 days ( or earlier ) for the minimum chargeable period.
If you have paid more than the minimum 30 days storage any outstanding rental will be refunded together with your security bond deposit on receipt of the keys and lock that were issued to you and the handing back of a clean and dry unit.
(For details on vacating first floor units or ceasing hire of Store2Door units.
Please ring 01823 674 129 for further information.)

Do I need a lock for my storage unit?

If you have booked an independent self storage unit, we will supply you with a lock for your storage unit. However, you are are most welcome to supply your own lock for your unit. If you have an internal unit you will also require a small padlock for your personal internal door. We can supply a small padlock for this purpose.


What size of vehicles can access Whiteball Self Storage?

All our ground floor units are accessible on tarmac roadways for the largest of normal road going vehicles, you can drive or reverse directly to your unit.

Local and National removals from Taunton


Do you offer caravan / vehicle storage?
Ordinarily due to space restrictions we are unable to store any type of vehicle outside at the storage depot. However, we occasionally have suitable units available:
Call  01823 674 129 for availability.
The physical height of the storage units mean that the storage units are unsuitable for the storage caravans. Cars may be stored in a few specific units when available but they must be drained of fuel and prevented from leaking whilst in store. Reluctantly we can no longer allow petrol powered machinery such as mowers, hedge trimmers, strimmers and motorbikes to be stored.
We can highly recommend a local vehicle / caravan storage facility. Please call 01823 674 129 for more information.

What is the security at Whiteball Self Storage?

Whiteball Self Storage is secured using a combination of remote CCTV monitoring, a Dualcom™ fully monitored alarm system, floodlighting and computer managed access control systems.


Do you offer a forklift truck unloading / loading service?

We are able to offer a forklift service for ground floor units that are having pallets delivered. For health and safety reason we are unable to handle non standard items or load/unload first floor units.

Forklift charges are £4.80 inc VAT per pallet for unloading.


Are the self storage units supplied with power?
No, none of our self storage units are supplied directly with power. The site is well floodlit for ease of access. We would recommend bringing a torch if you require access to your unit during hours of darkness.
Do I need to bring ID to the self storage depot?
Please bring with your two forms of personal identification when you come to store at Whiteball Self Storage, confirming address and signature, e.g., passport, driving licence, utility bill, credit card etc. Plus an additional emergency contact name and phone number.
Do you offer removals?
No, but we work closely with APC removals of Taunton and other local companies.
For APC removals telephone 01823 350 512.