A close up of a Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly

Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly

Outside of the extreme depths of the oceans that throw up strange creatures, I think the Dragonfly is equally other worldly and a lot more accessible. This is a Broad …

An image of three white doves on a fence

And Then There Were Three

A third White Dove has appeared. It looks like another female. Again very skittish. The first female has become more approachable over the last week or so or should I …

White Doves

A Second White Dove

A second white dove has joined the original one that adopted us over the Christmas period. She is a bit more skittish than the male and bolts at slightest hint …

Bluebells in sprintime

Spring is Springing

Springtime is beginning to spring at last. Exeter bluebells of the Spanish variety still pretty none the less. I have a small problem with White Bluebells. They are not Blue..

Heron attacked by a Crow

Heron in a tree attacked by a Crow

Ron minding his own business when BAM! it literally gets hit in the back of the neck by an angry Crow.

TBH I thought I’d not got anything until I looked this morning.
Talk about needing eyes in the back of your head 🤣