When did your garage last have a car in it?

Modern garages are almost too small to house a car these days. Have the dimensions of the garage got smaller or the cars bigger? Maybe an evil and conspiratorial combination of both.  Either way, garages were and are still designed to store a car. Their suitability for storing more perishable items remains suspect. Largely due to concrete floors that can attract damp and poorly fitting garage doors.

The storage units at Whiteball Self Store are either ex shipping containers purchased new or designed to shipping container specification. This means the floors are always off the ground due to their design, we then insulate the units with a layer of PU foam to avoid the ravages of winter condensation. Never the less, when goods are stored for long periods of time the ambient moisture within the stored goods themselves can cause minor issues. To help avoid any problems we offer a dehumidification service for our customers to help remove as much of the ambient moisture as possible.