Weekend Mouse Twitchers

What has my reading eye been accosted by this weekend?

As usual, links do NOT equal endorsements?

James Glattfelder on the dangers of an over-connected economy  Wired

A new report shows nuclear weapons almost detonated in North Carolina in 1961  Vox
Uber Bear Sees ‘Super Spike’ In VIX  MoneyBeat

You know Piketty is onto something when everyone’s trying to prove him wrong  Quartz

No, war doesn’t boost economic growth The Week

The Disruption Machine The New Yorker

excellent read below, not part of the strict Piketty debate but most
certainly Pikettyesque. My 2p worth about R>G is, let’s actually
collect the taxes we are already due as a nation and collaborate
globally to close the far too many tax loop holes that currently exist.
I’m sure then we would raise a bob or two.

The four stages of Chinese growth Michael Pettis’ CHINA FINANCIAL MARKETS

Was the 1966-1982 Stock Market Really That Bad? Pragmatic Capitalism