Wednesday Displacement Activity Reading

What has been preventing me from working this morning? or what will the BBC be reporting on tomorrow?

Bitcoin has theory and history on its side
‘ the entire world is now on a paper standard – or, as James Grant put
it, a PhD-standard – and money production has been made entirely
flexible everywhere.’ The Cobden Centre


Virtual Banking ~ Simple But Uncertain

A Spanish bank’s purchase of an American start-up raises big questions Economist

Is this how aviation manufacturing will find itself migrating to the emerging market economies as did other manufacturing before it? It is about skills and the sill sets of EM countries are rapidly winding in the skills of DM economies.

Reuter Insight: As Boeing, Airbus factories hum, suppliers get rattled Reuters

‘booming sales of aircraft, far from being a
bonanza for suppliers, are spurring brutal competition between Airbus
Group NV and Boeing Co, which are demanding better deals from the
companies that make billions of parts the factories need.’

The chances are the next ill wind will issue from the east and property or the falling price of it will have something to do with it.

Steep Discounts Prompt Fears Property Market Faces Dark Days

Developers have started selling apartments in two eastern cities for a
bargain, raising concerns that prices will start to tumble Caixin