Thursday Displacement Activity Reading

What has been preventing me from working this morning? or what will the BBC be reporting on tomorrow?

Social science and its impact on sport. In this instance how racial bias for fouls in the NBA all but disappeared after a study. Washington Post

The long decline of the Great British Pound:

‘ The lesson from this is that a fixed currency regime after a financial
crisis and recession is economically disastrous. Sadly we don’t seem to
have learned from this. The Euro area is busy repeating exactly the same
mistake – it isn’t called a gold standard, but it behaves much like
one. ‘ Coppola Comment

Money makes people right-wing and inegalitarian
‘ Rich people typically lean right politically. Are they motivated by
deeply moral views or self-interest? This column argues that money makes
you right-wing. It shows that lottery winners in the UK are more likely
to switch their allegiance from left to right.’ 
The surprise to me was the size of the lottery win that is capable of changing a persons political viewpoint Pragmatic Capitalism