They informed, educated and entertained me; articles from the last few days. 129.

What has been preventing me from working diligently today.

As usual, links do NOT equal endorsements or even views.

Many of my post links are from the USA. I find they are excellent at informing
me on so many subjects and are regularly ahead of the curve when it
comes to the particular topic of discussion.They frequently address a
subject that is highly relevant to the UK but has yet to be broached in
any meaningful form on this side of the Atlantic.

Definitive data on what poor people buy when they’re just given cash  Quartz


U.K. Tidal Lagoon Verdict Said to Be Delayed to After Budget  Bloomberg Business


 Supernova spotted shortly after explosion  Science News


Health Companies Think Fat-Freezing Is the New Botox  Bloomberg Technology


Link Between Alzheimer’s And Gut Bacteria, Plus 4 Other Ways Microbiome Can Affect Your Health  Medical Daily


Scientists develop a malaria vaccine that works 100% of the time in limited trials  Wired


A mathematician has created a teaching method that’s proving there’s no such thing as a bad math student  Quartz