They informed, educated and entertained me; articles from the last few days. 111.

As usual, links do NOT equal endorsements or even views.

Many of my post links are from the USA. I find they are excellent at informing
me on so many subjects and are regularly ahead of the curve when it
comes to the particular topic of discussion.They frequently address a
subject that is highly relevant to the UK but has yet to be broached in
any meaningful form on this side of the Atlantic. The depth of the
articles are also highly commendable.

How your early childhood shapes your brain   WEF

A great article that applies to both sexes equally.

Money Cheat Sheet Ellevest

Transcranial direct current stimulation can boost language comprehension: Stimulation of the brain’s left angular gyrus enhanced the comprehension of simple, two-word phrases Science Daily 

Cyclodextrin dissolves away cholesterol crystals: Drug used for rare disease may be able to treat heart disease Science Daily

Has the US Turned Against Free Trade Agreements?  Diplomat

Suit That Mimics Life At Age 85 Has No Creases, Just Creaks  Medicaldaily


An article about much more than the title. A truly thought provoking read.
The sugar conspiracy | Ian Leslie The Guardian