How Do We Make Manufacturing Attractive To The Middle Class?

To achieve middle class status, by general consenus is the global aspiration for
most people however that may be defined. We the UK being a Developed Economy,
our definition may be somewhat different to an Emerging Market economy. Recent
history has taught us that the UK economy has relied far too heavily on the
Service Sector with the manufacturing sector havng been in chronic decline for more than a

    The middle class find identifying themselves with
manufacturing difficult: As a matter of perception of what manufacturing was
like this is understandable. There has been an increase in niche smaller scale
manufacturing in this country but nowhere near the velocity required to gain
traction as a significant percentage of GDP or become an attractive choice for
skilled middle class labour.  It is this
matter of perception that needs to change here.

    The exemplar to of this skilled smaller scale manufacturing
is to be found not too far away in Germany known as the Mittelstand.  Remember what is being discussed here are SME
Manufacturing Businesses that can help deliver
long term sustainability
for society.  In Germany the workforce does not identify manufacturing
with a dirty and dull place of work. 

    The developed economies of the world have to address this
need for middle class worker satisfaction with the requisite higher salaries
that come with skilled labour while acknowledging that mass manufacturing is
all but lost to the Emerging Markets of the world. Germany is a shining beacon
on how a Developed Market can chart a path through this century and into the
next, we ignore it at our peril. Remember, Emerging Markets eventually become
Developed Markets.

    How can we advance our nascent SME manufacturing Industry into
its full potential for this generation and the next? We simply require many
more small, specialist manufacturing companies for the UK workforce to begin to
identify them as a viable alternative to what they have to choose from at present. We need to give
the entrepreneurs incentives to set up these manufacturing businesses in the
first place.

A first EASY STEP: 
    No rates on the building used for
manufacturing for the first 5 years.

    Other subsidies would have to be carefully considered due to
EU regulation. However, many other EU countries do and have bent rules to suit
their purposes in the past.  Our
politicians would be required to defend out right to do so as well.