Start the week Mouse Twitchers

What has been preventing me from
working this morning whilst dunking my plain chocolate oaties into a
frothy cup full of Columbia’s  finest export.

Inside Scoop: Ex-Developer Opens Up About How China Really Works WSJ Real time Economics 
 Chinese Flybys Alarm Japan as Tensions Escalate NYT
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China to scrap millions of cars in anti-pollution push Reuters
How much of a help will that be after the army of Coal fired power stations that have been constructed in recent years?

China Is Building a “Coal Base” the Size of LA Motherboard

‘ China isn’t just relegating its dirty coal-fired power plants to the
outskirts of society; for years, it’s been building 16
unprecedentedly massive, brand new “coal bases” in rural parts of the
country. There, they won’t stifle China’s megacities; they’ll churn out
enough pollution to help smother the entire world. ‘