Rather changeable weather

we are having, well the ashes has commenced we need something on our side…

I have invested in a 24″ LCD display. There is certainly plenty of work surface to look at, great for charts which is the main reason for acquiring it, I think I need to learn how to set the screen up a bit more accurately, the presets are not conducive for day to day work/viewing and my current custom settings are not much better. It is a Samsung Syncmaster 2494HS, it comes with speakers on board; they are a tad sad to listen to as well. My previous display was a TV combination and for that reason had quite a respectable sound; also without a quality sound card in the new PC the output is probably not that hot either. With some quite old PC speakers quickly attached the noise is now more than adequate. For the price I paid, around £160 plus the VAT it is not bad I guess.

Bill will be not around for a bit at Whiteball Self Storage for Taunton, He has managed to break a rib or three and concuss himself, Ouch! I am due to catch up with him later today.