Monday Mouse Twitchers:

What has been preventing me from
working this morning whilst dunking my plain chocolate oaties into a
frothy cup full of Columbia’s  finest export.

When Saving Trumps Investing  A Wealth of Common Sense

‘ As Warren Buffett closed in on age 60 in 1989, his net worth was $3.8
billlion according to the Forbe’s List. This year, as Buffett approaches
his mid-80s, he’s worth $58.5 billion. That means nearly 94% of
Buffett’s current net worth was created after his 60th birthday.’

 Robots Are Starting to Make Offshoring Less Attractive Harvard Business Review

The Belief Funnel: Your Term Sheet Waits at the Bottom Hunter Walk
The home page isn’t dead. It’s just resting. Vox

Who do we believe now?

Researchers Who Provided Key Evidence For Gluten Sensitivity Have Now Thoroughly Shown That It Doesn’t Exist Business Insider

I am seriously fed up with this fad before it even gets under way !

The Economics Of Soylent  Forbes