Monday Displacement Activity Reading

What has been preventing me from working this morning? or what will the BBC be reporting on tomorrow?

What If the Yuan Was Really Flexible? Wall Street Journal

‘ If China made it easier for its citizens to invest money abroad, some of
those pent-up savings would quickly flow out. With less cash chasing
property, the domestic housing market could take a pummeling. So could
the yuan. ‘
I think this solves only half the riddle, driving internal consumer demand is the Eldorado for the Chinese Government.
‘ China’s government says it wants a flexible currency and a more open
capital account. But real flexibility and openness would come at a

David Smith would like a word in Gideon’s shell like.
George, we need to talk about productivity

Rethinking The Five-Second Rule: With Carpet, There’s No Rush The Salt

A fitter and more adventurous generation leaps, climbs, and pedals into retirement Washington Post

‘ Is eternal travel ultimately satisfying? “I just find it hard to believe
that after a year or two of that, that most people wouldn’t be yearning
to put down roots,” said Marc Freedman, the founder and chief executive
of, which supports people in second or third careers. He
recalled a group who had planned to spend their retirement in RVs. After
a while, he said, “they found it unfulfilling and then hooked up with
Habitat [for Humanity] and built homes.” ‘