Monday Displacement Activity Reading

     What has been preventing me from working this morning? or what will the BBC be reporting on tomorrow?

Robert Peston has indeed had a recent China Jolly and if one can wait for him to actually finish a sentence a better judge of situations than many.

This article from Andy Xie, based on the ground in Shanghai and who’s opinion I have found to be well worth paying attention to in the past: 
My take away is, while he does see many many potential pitfalls over the next few years which could fundamentally change the global business outlook, his mostly prosaic view is ‘unsteady as she goes’. Caixin

4 signs of economic slowdown in China: Soberlook

Being a doctor was once a job with great purpose. Now it’s just a business: Guardian

 HT to Barry Ritolz for this one:

The best time of day to drink your coffee is? 

The Germans are lining up to become members of the Consumer Club:Reuters

Our privacy IS going to be steadily eroded as companies find markets for our data. The only remaining privacy option left will be to drop offline. How long before privacy becomes a necessary part of the educational curriculum? I would say about right now !Reuters