Mid Week Mouse Twitchers

What has been preventing me from
working this morning whilst dunking my plain chocolate oaties into a
frothy cup full of Columbia’s  finest export.

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A Correction Is Coming Bloomberg View

Don’t listen to Mark Carney’s ‘forward guidance’ Money Week

The ancestry map is fascinating: I know it does not account for population density but how did the USA adopt English as the mother tongue? Which begs the question if the USA had adopted German, what would the status of the UK be in the 21st Century?
3 maps that explain America Vox

Knutty Asset Prices Paul Krugman NYT
‘where is the wild exuberance that we associate with dangerous bubbles? I
don’t see popular TV shows about house-flipping, and CNBC viewership is
plumbing new lows.’
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The less food on your plate, the more you’ll enjoy it Quartz
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