Mid Week Mouse Twitchers

What has been preventing me from
working this morning whilst dunking my plain chocolate oaties into a
frothy cup full of Columbia’s  finest export.

As usual, links do NOT equal endorsements or even views. 

of my post links are from the USA. I find they are excellent at informing
me on so many subjects and are regularly ahead of the curve when it
comes to the particular topic of discussion. The depth of the articles
also highly commendable.

Does Being Born to Older Parents Cause You to Think About Aging Differently?  Slate
Turkish Inaction on ISIS Advance Dismays the U.S. New York Times

China’s high-speed rail vision South China Morning Post
China is proposing five high-speed international railway networks that
would ultimately connect the UK at one end, America at another and
Singapore in the south, with China in the centre.
4 reasons why people who read literature are better people  Vox