It has stopped raining !

Does that mean we have cold weather on the way in preparation for more snow? A friend told me the other day it has been very cold in Florida where he has been living and we usually get their weather about a week later.

There was plenty of snow to clear last month !

‘ Can we have a cuppa now? ‘

At least I have now managed to clean the office after the bad weather.

Only two and bit weeks into the new year and with the last holiday now out of the way the money markets should be back to full speed. What potential carcass will the finance vultures start to circle around before alighting for their meal?

VAT of course has gone up by 2.5% as well. We have kept our prices stable for over five years now and have thus far absorbed the plethora of inflationary price rises forced upon the business. Whiteball Self Storage will continue to provide quality self storage at the best price we can offer.