It felt like a

long weekend this one. I guess the interminable rain on Saturday may have been partly to blame. The thunder got me out of bed fairly pronto, I do enjoy a good thunder storm. The rain gave the self storage depot a good hose down as well, most unfortunate for one customer who was moving in but his unit is being dehumidified as I write. Another one of the services we offer.Button wins again, and England manage to win a 20-20 match. I am not sure that was the best thing to do. A break before the Ashes could have been a good thing. We will probably go on and win it now! Cricket is most definitely in need of a radical overhaul. The Cricket establishment must not just think the unthinkable but do the unthinkable.  I will start by saying that we should look at the Test Match format and maybe incorporate elements of the short format into a 5 day Test Match. At least we can get back to five day matches instead of 3/4 days. There would be a lot of synergies here I think.