I would like someone to explain the ramifications to me if the various

world governments had not bailed out the banks for one, and other companies that had got themselves saddled with too much legacy. Then the same governments and central banks followed this with more created money, their quantitative easing, further propping things up sick economies, was this further aid to the banks up again?

What sort of world would we be now living in if all this ‘money’ had not been spent? A total breakdown of law and order? widespread civil unrest? no food on the table?  no banking system still? It would be refreshing for someone who may know a bit, to paint a picture of where we might be now had the governments not intervened in the markets.

Were the governments strong armed into this course of action by bankers attempting to cover their backs for fear of being lynched or worse (at least lynching is relatively quick)? Maybe it would make an interesting basis for a novel. “What Iff?”