I purchased

a Sony TP3 media centre last week. Its gone back…. What a disappointment, firstly the reviews that said it was quiet were wide of the mark, quiet compared to what other media centre PC’s I shudder to think. The main gripes were operational though, a frequent blank screen when switching from media centre to PC necessitating a reboot and not coming out of standby correctly. The EPG playing merry hell, the end came when I actually did not have one. Now I know that these are fixable problems but why should we as consumers put up with products that do not work out of the box. Would you put up with the same from a new  refrigerator, I would not.On a minor plus note it did stream the films stored on my office PC through the wireless network which actually confirmed to me that a media centre PC is what I would like, I just want one that works out of the box which I doubt there currently is such a thing, so I may have to build my own. Another brisk day at the depot, currently awaiting a delivery from Greece of all places….