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What has been preventing me from working this morning? or what will the BBC be reporting on tomorrow?

Unmentioned But Potent Leading Indicators Forbes

The New Abolitionism 
Averting planetary disaster will mean forcing fossil fuel companies to give up at least $10 trillion in wealth.  The Nation

  ‘ That liquidation of private wealth is the only precedent for what
today’s climate justice movement is rightly demanding: that trillions of
dollars of fossil fuel stay in the ground. It is an audacious demand, and those making it should be clear-eyed
about just what they’re asking. They should also recognize that, like
the abolitionists of yore, their task may be as much instigation and
disruption as it is persuasion. There is no way around conflict with this much money on the line, no
available solution that makes everyone happy. No use trying to persuade
people otherwise. ‘
The new normal is a roller coaster of one bubble bursting after another.

Asymmetry Observations

You Will Eat Your Peas Now as Big Food Binges on Protein Bloomberg
“We can clean up the labels of a whole bunch of products,” said
Al-Katib, the company’s founder and CEO. “But our customers will not
replace ingredients just for health. They need taste.”  

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