Bit of

Hooley weekend weather wise. I took a morning out driving yesterday as well, probably not the best plan I have ever made. Caught up with the Cricket in the gym through the afternoon, will the weather go against us and save the Windies. Rossi come stone last as well, nothing like keeping the championship alive. Oh and Zac Johnson wins another PGA tour event, he is getting good again.Whilst driving at 70mph on a dual carriageway yesterday I was approaching a speed camera whilst overtaking another car. The driver of the car flashed his lights at me, presumably to warn me about the camera which I had noticed.  Then for some reason I had brain fade and wondered if the speed limit was 6omph, reminding me of a conversation I had a while ago with someone who works in the highways agency who had also said Dc’s were 60mph; At the time I said I was sure he was wrong. This quick thought immediately prompted me to unnecessarily stand on my brakes to slow down to 60. I even rang Bill at the Self Storage depot to ask him, he said 60mpg as well! I made a point of attempting to remember to check when I got home. I only actually checked this morning and yes it is 70mph as long there is a barrier or central reservation. Phew! thought I was going senile.