A society of individuals?

So Starbucks has bowed to pressure from its grilling by the Public Accounts Committee and agreed to pay £20M in corporation tax over the next two years. Why did it bow to this pressure where Google and Amazon have stood resolute?

The morals of voluntarily paying tax or is it just a donation to the treasury? Are for another time.

The public have stopped buying their coffee at Starbucks. Why? That is an interesting question. Is it because the public is angered about the iniquities of UK tax law and how corporate entities take full advantage of this or is it as case of ” I can’t afford to be seen supporting this company less I get pilloried on a personal level by the mob ” The latter is probably the stronger argument.

If our society with its new found sense of corporate hygiene
had taken the same course of action with regards to Google and Amazon by boycotting their businesses as well, would they still be stood on the sidelines watching Starbucks?

Seasons Greetings to all Customers past and present from Whiteball.